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Including Your Pets On Your Wedding Day!

So we all love the stereotypical 2-legged humans standing by your side as you marry the person of your dreams, but what about our furry, 4-legged ones? Here at CMDesigns we love including ALL of your loved ones, including your fur babies!

Throughout our time designing and planning weddings, we have found countless ways to incorporate “man's best friend” in a wedding!


Walking down the aisle

One of the best ways to incorporate your best friend into the wedding day is to have them walk down the aisle during the ceremony!

They can be your "flower dog" or ring bearer, or join the wedding party as they walk down. You can even have them walk down wearing a cute sign like "here comes your human," or "I loved her first."


Wedding day photos

This is a given! You HAVE TO include your furry friend in your wedding day photos! You could include them in your getting ready photos, or your group wedding party photos. But definitely DON'T forget to take a few of just you with your fur baby!



Pro-tip: How to get them to the wedding

Having your furry loved ones at your wedding is a continuously growing trend. As it becomes more common, venues and vendors are coming up with new ways to help include them on your day with out the added stress.

You even now have the option to hire someone to deliver your dog to your wedding. Some services offer, dog delivery to the wedding, dog delivery back home, dog sitting during the wedding, and escorting your dog down the aisle. You can check out this central Texas company and their new dog delivery service.


Pro- tip: Dress them for the wedding!

You can't go wrong with the typical tux-looking vest for your pet! You can even choose one to match the men's attire!


Floral Collars are a great way to incorporate your wedding colors, and offer a softer look than a typical collar.


Our favorite “dress up” trend is Leashes Covered In Greenery. This little touch of green stays neutral and allows for a functional way to control your friend when they may get a little excited! This is also a great way to ensure the dogs comfort! No one wants an upset pup.


Including your dog when they can't be there

Unfortunately, not all venues can accommodate a furry guest. No worries at all! You can still honor them on your special day without having them there!

Stationery is a great way to include your buddy. You can include a cute sketch or watercolor on your save the dates, invitations or your thank-you notes!


Cake Toppers allow for a small touch to be included on your wedding day. Dogs + Cake + Wedding = The perfect equation on how to include your best bud on your special day.


Custom Cocktails and Naming Items after your doggo is another fun way to make sure they’re a part of all of the festivities! Create a custom cocktail named after your dog or even dedicate the most fun part of the night (the bar) to them! It's a fun, subtle way to make sure your pups presence is known!


Engagement Photos are another great way to include your pup on your big day! You can use the photos for your engagement announcement, save the dates, or day of stationery. You could even throw in a cute sign that says "my humans are getting married."

Make a few extra prints to frame and use as extra decor on your wedding day. (Pro tip: use matching frames in different sizes to make it easier to design with, and easier to see each image.



These suggestions offer ideas on how to incorporate your furry best friend on your most important day! The ideas don't stop here, the list can go on and on! Hug your pets a little tighter today!

Let us know how you plan to incorporate your pets on your wedding day!


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