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7 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

IT'S ENGAGEMENT SEASON!!! WTH is engagement season...? Engagement Season is the time of year when most engagements take place, the time between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day! If you're reading this, chances are you are recently engaged- CONGRATULATIONS!

Your mind is running wild with excitement, emotions, and ideas! Don't stress! Here are the first 7 things you should do after getting engaged! I hope this eases some stress, so you can go back to being excited about being engaged!

1. Make the BIG announcement!

Tell your loved ones the exciting news! Call your family and closest friends, and then announce it to the world!

2. Enjoy being engaged!

Take some time to take it all in. YOU'RE ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED! Enjoy this time with your partner. By this, we mean don't jump right into stressful planning. Take some time just to be engaged! Also, take some time to discuss your ideas together before making and finalizing huge decisions.

3. Discuss the important details.

Who is taking part in making decisions? Who is contributing to the budget? Where will the wedding take place? What time of year? Do you want a small intimate wedding or a huge blowout wedding? What style do you want? What colors? Discuss these ideas together before making any bookings or final decisions!

4. Draft a Guest List and finalize the Budget.

Draft a guest list to get a rough guest count. Discuss who will contribute to the budget and how much each person can contribute. Dig into what you are financially comfortable with spending.

If you're unsure how much things cost, consider hiring a planner to help. Many planners offer Budget Consultations that can be booked before booking their planning services. Budget Consultations will allow you to determine how much things truly cost in your area. Google, The Knot, and Wedding Wire are NOT accurate when figuring out a budget or how much things cost in your area.

5. Hire a planner!

Okay, maybe we are a little biased, but you need to have a planner before booking a venue or any other wedding pros. They will make sure your venue and vendors fit within your budget, and they can also ensure your venue and wedding pros are a great fit and match your style.

6. Pick Your Venue

It's finally time to book the venue of your dreams! Your wedding planner can help you with thinking through the logistics before bookings. There's more to choosing a venue than confirming your guest count will fit and making sure it fits your style. You must also think through the production details, set up, layout, break down, and pick up.

7. Choose your wedding party!

Now that you've finalized the major details, it's time to choose your wedding party and ask them to be in your wedding. Check out this blog post, Things To Do Before Choosing Your Wedding Party.

Photo Credit

Photo 1- Maddie Ray Photography

Guadalupe and David's Ballroom wedding at The Bowden

Photo 2- Alyssa Simmons Photography

Ashley and Collin's June wedding at Fossil Creek.

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