Our Custom Planning Platform

Using the Refine Portal, we've created a custom Planning Platform for our clients. This platform will make planning so much easier, and give us one place to house all of our documents. It also includes frequently asked planning tips, and so much more. You can see a few of the key features below. 

Each one of our services includes your own Planning Platform. After booking, we will send you a link to your Platform. Your platform will already include any details given to us during our first chat, but will be ready for you to continue to make your own. The first step will be to fill your client profile, and next we will schedule our first consultation. During our first consultation, we will review your client profile, review the planning platform, and discuss any vendor details. 

The Planning Platform is all done through google drive, and here is why-

  • all items are customizable

  • easily search and find edit history

  • available to view on mobile, tablet, or computer, 

  • available even when online

How it works-

Budget Tracker

With our budget tracker you're able to track your budget, booked vendors, and payments all on one easy to follow sheet. The program is already set up to update as you enter in the details (so no math skills needed).

Design and Details

When it comes to design, there are so many details to keep track of to make sure nothing is missed. We include the design plans, floor plans, and detail trackers all together in one place to easily access as needed. 

Planning Checklist

All of our clients, no matter the service, will receive a planning checklist. The checklist already includes a custom planning timeline, but you can update the checklist with additional items and check off items as they're completed. 

Weekend Details

Easy to access questionnaires and forms for processional and recessional order, and masterplan details, so we can create your custom wedding plan and timeline. 

Vendor Tracker

Finding Vendors you love is easy, but keeping track of all of their details is another story! Our Platform includes our Vendor Recs, a Vendor Comparison Sheet, a Vendor Details Tracker, and Folders for Contracts and other Vendor Details. 

Planning Help and Tips

Other key features include-

  • gratuity guide

  • weather considerations

  • outdoor preparations

  • rehearsal dinner recs

  • wedding attire recs

  • welcome bag and favor recs