Full   Service Planning

• Design Coordination (details above)
• Month of Coordination (details above)
• Vendor Coordination (details below)
• Budget Coordination (details below)
• Monthly Custom to-do list (details below)
• Custom Planning Timeline (details below)


The extras-
• Wedding Consulting 
• 3 additional hours of on site Vendor Coordination the day prior to the wedding (6 hours total)


Vendor Coordination-
• Vendor Recommendations based on budget and style
• Vendor Information (package pricing, recommended package, availability, and booking info)
• Assistance with Scheduling Vendor Consults
• Attendance at Vendor Consults
• Assistance with Booking Vendors


Budget Coordination-
• Budget Discussion 
• Budget Layout (how much is each vendor, how much in total)
• Payment Plan (if needed) (how much due monthly)
• Budget Breakdown (who is paying for which vendors)


Monthly Custom to-do List-
• A monthly to-do list emailed to the client showing what CMDesigns will work on that month, and what is required of client that month. We will work together to complete this checklist throughout the month. 


Custom Planning Timeline-
• Custom Planning Timeline showing a monthly breakdown of the planning process. This will help keep us on track and show what major tasks will take place each month. We use this plan to create our monthly custom to-do list.

Full Service Planning starts at $3000