Month of  +  Vendor  Coordination

Month of Coordination

• Initial Consultation (after booking)
• Masterplan Consultation (4-5 weeks before the wedding)
• Full Wedding Day Plan Review (created using the Masterplan Final)
* All meetings can be held at Action Rental Center or over video.


• 3 hours of on site Vendor Coordination the day prior to the wedding (if needed)
• Detailed Masterplan Draft (for you to review after our consultation)
• Detailed Masterplan Final (CMDesigns will use this to create the Full Wedding Day Plan
• Full Wedding Plan Draft (discuss changes at Full Wedding Day Plan Review)
• Full Wedding Plan Final 
• Ceremony Plan 
• Mini Wedding Plan 

The extras-
• Wedding Consulting via email 
• Vendor Recommendations

Vendor Coordination

• Initial Discussion (discuss vendors needed, vendor ideas)
• CMDesigns Custom Planning Timeline (digital copy)
• CMDesigns Vendor Recommendations based on budget and style
• Vendor Information* (package pricing, recommended package, availability, and booking info)


* Vendor Information for the vendors listed on the Planning Timeline Provided

Month of + Vendor Coordination starts at $2100