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Is CMDesigns Weddings LGBTQIA+ friendly, and welcoming to couples from diverse backgrounds?

If there was a word that meant yes times a thousand, we’d use it here. But until that word gets invented, we’ll just use yes. But we’ll say it in all caps and with exclamation points: YES!! We value the beauty and love in individuals of all walks of life.

I think I might want to hire you. What are our next steps?

Fantastic! Send us your deets, and we’ll get a call set up — consults are always free, and usually last around 30 minutes. We’ll chat about your dream wedding, what kind of support you’re looking for, and where you are in the planning process. From there we’ll recommend which of our services would be the best fit.

Are you or anyone on your team bilingual?

We’re fluent in English and Spanish, and familiar with both American and Hispanic wedding traditions. This makes it a breeze for us to navigate the nuances of diverse families and ceremonies with mixed cultures.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. We require a 25% down payment upon booking, and the remainder of the cost is divided into three payments, with the last payment due two weeks before the big day. 

My parents want to be involved with the planning process as well, is that OK?

Sure thing, we’re happy to communicate with both you and your parents. During our consultation call we can discuss everyone’s involvement with coordinating the wedding.

What’s the difference between a wedding planner and designer, and someone who’s just a wedding planner?

Wedding planners who don’t specialize in design will focus on the ideas a couple has, and help them hire vendors who can take care of design aspects — things like color palette, invitations, florals, and other decorative facets. Whereas wedding planners who offer design as well (y’all, it’s literally in our name) take an active role in creating the design elements that make a wedding reflect the couple’s style. 

What's the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator?

Some venues will come with in-house coordinators, and couples sometimes wonder if they need a wedding planner as well. Our answer is always going to be yes, you do. A venue coordinator has a very different role from a planner, and their main job is to assist the venue. Whereas a wedding planner’s job is all about you, boo.

I want to be involved with the planning, but I’m so busy, what do you recommend?

You’re a hot ticket, we get it! And while you’re busy doing what you do best, we’ll be over here doing what we do best — which just happens to be designing and planning jaw-droppingly gorgeous weddings. During our consult call, we can chat about how involved in the process you want to be.

What areas do you serve?

While we’re based in Waco, Texas, we regularly plan events in Austin, Dallas, and Central Texas. However, if we’re a good fit, y’all can take us anywhere. Our bilingual team and familiarity with Hispanic culture sets us up as an ideal way to communicate with locals for destination weddings, or to help bridge the gap between family you may have in Mexico or Latin America. 

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