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Caitlin Delgado

Creative Director, Lead Florist

Caitlin started CMDesigns Weddings in 2016, combining her love for planning and design and her passion for weddings.
Before starting CMDesigns, she worked as a designer and assistant coordinator for her parents' wedding and event rental company in Central Texas. You could say wedding design is in her blood. 
After over 12 years of designing beautiful weddings, her passion for design grew into a love for the art of floral design. The decision to add floral design as a design service came naturally. This allows Caitlin and her team to be more involved in the design, style, and production of the wedding. 

Our Design Services

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Planning and Design is the heart and soul of our company. Design inspires us so much that we put it in our name! We have been designing weddings for more than 12 years and continue to educate ourselves on the latest trends. We offer an experienced, yet fresh, curated design.



After more than a decade of designing beautiful weddings, our passion grew into a love for floral design. Adding floral design to our services allows us to be fully involved in the details and production of the design. Although floral design is a new service for CMDesigns, we have years of floral design experience!



Custom Invitations, Stationery, and Signage are the perfect way to tie together the details of your design. With all design services done in-house, our team can ensure a cohesive design. Invitations that excite your guests for an elegant affair, and stationery that perfectly match your other design elements. 

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