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Not to be blunt, but we’ll take it from here — making you feel completely taken care of is kind of what we do. From listening to your vision and designing a wedding that exceeds it, to seamless coordination, and frankly just making sure you and your guests have a completely kick ass time, we’re pros. 

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“Caitlin was so supportive of our vision and she helped us to make all of the right choices in decor and details to tie everything together. She enabled me to have a completely stress-free day as the bride and she managed the entire wedding party, including family and in-laws flawlessly! If you are a Central TX bride-to-be, you can trust that Caitlin will make your wedding day even more amazing than you’ve ever dreamed of!”

— Ashley Steele

A beautiful and colorful wedding at the Cameron Park Zoo. The newly weds pose together and smile at each other. Wedding planning at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, TX.

Meet the Heart of CMDesigns Weddings

About Caitlin

About Caitlin Delgado (she/her)

Founder and Owner

While Caitlin started CMDesigns Weddings in 2016 — the name combines her initials with her crazy love for design — her event-planning roots go way back. In 2010 Caitlin first appeared in the wedding scene coordinating and managing ceremonies, but by then she was already well-accustomed to organizing events. Her parents own a well-known rental company (hello childhood of unlimited access to bounce houses), and have now added a wedding venue to the mix. So when we say that Caitlin’s been prepping for your wedding since she was a kid, we’re not exaggerating. She’s still training, whether through courses, events like the Wedding MBA, or binging wedding podcasts — keeping tabs on the pulse of the industry is a big part of Caitlin’s job, and this girl brings it.


It’s come full-circle as Caitlin’s toddler Mateo is now surrounded by all things wedding and loves to get in on the action by helping to set up chairs, create floral arrangements, and melt as many hearts as possible. Mateo got his killer music taste from his mom (Heart and Blondie allllll day baby), and we’ll admit it, he might have gotten a little bit of his sass from her too.


Paige Aydell

About Paige Aydell (she/her/princess)

Wedding Manager

Paige lives and breathes event planning and coordination, and dare we say she’s almost as detail-oriented and Type A (in the best way possible) as Caitlin. If you remind Paige to do something, chances are she’s already done it. Like three hours ago.


Paige plays a big role in creating timelines, coordinating with vendors, setting up decor, and generally making sure that your wedding day is absolutely stunning. Spoiler alert: Paige is obsessed with anything Disney, and it’s rare to see this girl without a Starbucks cup in one hand.

Celinn G

About Celinn G (she/her)

Wedding Manager, On Site Coordinator

Celinn is in love with creating beautiful setups from scratch, and making a design on paper come to life. Her aptitude for design paired with extensive experience in wedding and event production (not to mention a degree in hospitality), make her a rockstar when it comes to creating and executing luxury weddings. 


It’s hard to tell which is more kick ass — Celinn’s style, or her taste in music.

Meet Paige a CMDesigns Wedding Planner. A wedding planner in Waco, TX. A wedding planner in Austin, TX. A wedding planner in Dallas, TX.
Meet Celinn a CMDesigns Wedding Planner. A wedding planner in Waco, TX. A wedding planner in Austin, TX. A wedding planner in Dallas, TX.


a match made in heaven...

Besides being completely fabulous, the couples we work with tend to have a few things in common. They’re usually a sucker for lush florals — let’s be honest, who isn’t? They also appreciate good design, statement pieces, and elegant touches. 

CMDesigns Weddings’ couples see the value in hiring experts for great service and experience (sorry Tío Jose, we know you’re probably a stellar DJ, buttttt…), and they’re ready to let professionals lead the way. Our couples are eager to add unique details to their day that represent who they are together. They’re looking to connect on a deeper level, and they can’t wait to show their guests, and each other, a really good time!

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“Caitlin is so patient and kind — she truly listened to everything that was important to us, and basically made my vision board dreams come true. The entire planning process was stress free and enjoyable because of her. There’s no way that our wedding day would have gone as well if she hadn’t been there.”

- Yesenia Rueda


"Omg CMDesigns was one of the best decisions I could make for my wedding day! Caitlin was always there if I had any questions or concerns. She took care of everything day of, which allowed my husband and I enjoy the day with our friends and family. Highly recommend."

- Jenni Twyman


Caitlin was extremely helpful when it came to planning the wedding. She helped my husband and I visualize all the decor and set up for the ceremony/reception leading up to the wedding. She was always excited to help us out, because in all honesty, we had no idea what we were doing. She was very organized when it came to everything with spreadsheets and cost breakdowns. 

- Natalie G

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